MMI helps suppliers of all industries get the best quality manufactured parts they need, accurately and quickly. Our team is committed to helping you avoid rework and costly delays so you satisfy the demand for your products faster than ever. MMIs experienced team of engineers, supply chain professionals, and skilled innovators, have curated an international network full of qualified ISO-certified suppliers. Some of these partnerships lasting decades. Our domestic team provides around the clock support to our contacts based in India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and South Korea. You can trust us to deliver word-class solutions that deliver your products efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. We offer flexible customized solutions to accommodate various industries.

Domestic and International Engineered Supply Chain Solutions for ANY Industry

We manage the entire supply chain process while delivering cost-effective solutions, shorter lead times, and continued support managing inventory after import. MMI offers value added services that can be customized to meet your needs. Have questions? We are here to answer.