MMI can shape metals into any desired form and size. MMI supports a wide selection of forged manufacturing techonologies and industries.
We work closely with our ISO certified suppliers and qualified on-site project engineers to design, develope, prototype, and forge
all shapes and sizes of metal and alloy parts per customer specifications.


We forge a wide variety of materials including but not limited to:
Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Plastic, and Rubber
PROCESS: (same for hot and warm extrusions) The material is heated then loaded into a container in the press.
The material is forced through the die. Then it is stretched and straightened.
Secondary processes would be heat treatment or cold working as necessary.


The main advantage of the extrusion process is the extrusion ratio can be very large and still produce quality parts.
The ratio is [the starting cross-sectional area/ the cross-sectional area of the final extrusion].

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